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Lead Leaching

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For pipes made of lead, leaching has been identified as a major health issue in Water Supply Pipes.

Whilst the obvious solution would be to replace each service pipe to eliminate the problem, the cost of such an exercise to replace and reinstate these pipes to potentially millions of properties is simply not a viable option.

The Process

1. Air Drying of Pipes - Pipes are dried throughout with heated and filtered air via the use of air hoses which are directly connected to the piping system.

2. Aggregate Cleaning - The dried pipes are cleaned using a glass free abrasive that smooth’s and cleanses the inside surface of the pipes. This process is used in conjunction with the application of the Polyurethane coating.

3. Application of Coating - The application of the coating is the final stage of the process. The coating provides protection against pipe corrosion and future contamination.

The Benefits

-Clean & Safe Drinking Water / pipe protection / pipe

-Pipes which have undergone this process will diminish lead content to meet safe drinking water standards as set by the European Union and other countries around the world

-Pipes will also be protected from corrosion

-Enhanced pipe life by 50 years +

-Proven technology, this system has been used extensively around the UK over the last 6 years