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SilverLining Solutions:  Better for You, Better for Your Clients and Better for the Environment.

  Cost Effective – Lining is as much as 50%-75% less expensive than traditional pipe replacement.

  Minimal Downtime – With no digging or demolition, our solutions take a fraction of the time of traditional replacement methods.

  Minimal Disruption – Our solutions are quiet, non-invasive and minimize the risk of utility disruption. You can still run your 
  business while we fix your pipes.

  Safe and Durable - Our epoxies are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and have an estimated life expectancy of 100 years.

  Versatile – Our epoxies can line any pipe in any building, structure or environment, above or below ground.  

  Better than New – Our epoxy linings increase flow rate and eliminate galvanic and microbiological influenced corrosion.

  Green – Our non-invasive solutions dramatically reduce waste and minimize disturbance of environmental contaminants lurking 
  underground or behind walls.
At SilverLining, we use SilverSteam™ — the only epoxy product that has a temperature range of 300+ degrees and the flexibility to install in virtually any pipe.

No other coating in the world can compete with this ceramic-epoxy coating. The SilverSteam™ base formula has been used in tough oil field applications throughout the world since 1985. SilverSteam™ SLDP-44 and 44GF were developed in 1999 to handle the high heat of various gasses and liquids encountered in deep wells. All of our specifications are backed by testing in nationally recognized laboratories.
SilverSteam Pipe
SilverSteam™ Specs

• Can handle pressure up to 1,000 psi.
• Dielectric strength is 2,500 volts per mil. This literally shuts down 
  any chance for galvanic corrosion.
• Prohibits corrosion from working underneath our coating in the 
  event of damage to surrounding surface.
• Flexibility of 11% elongation allows pipes to contract and expand in 
  winter conditions without coating failure.
• 100 times more resistant to water penetration than any other epoxy.
• Impact strength and abrasion resistance are far superior to other 
  coatings because of our ceramic particle loading.re to add text.

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