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Inspection and Cleaning:  First we inspect your pipe system via remote camera, diagnose issues and work with you to develop an action plan. Next, our technicians use physical or chemical technologies to clean your pipe system, removing scale and corrosion.  

Lining:  Depending on the type of pipe, its use and condition, our technicians will then line the pipe with one of our epoxy-saturated felt liners. For pipes requiring structural repair, we use epoxy liners to create a new pipe within the existing pipe. Because we utilize an array of epoxies and application methods, we always have the best combination of solutions for each particular job.

Reinstatements:  Any lateral connections to the lined pipe are reinstated via a robotic cutter from inside the pipe.

Final Inspection:  After the epoxy lining has cured, and all reinstatements completed we re-inspect the pipe system via remote camera and leave you with a recording of your repaired pipe.

We have solved pipe problems for colleges, universities, private industry, utilities and municipal clients. Let us help you. Call today for a free consultation. 

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